Project Management:  success means completing your projects quickly and accurately, thereby meeting your projects desired objective and realizing a return on your investment.  Independently or within an existing organization, The Trade Winds Group can provide the structure and discipline necessary for either large multi-dimensional or small single threaded project successes.


Sales Strategies:  having a sound strategy makes accomplishing your goals much easier.  We can help address the 3 basic strategy questions with you: who are you going to sell to, what you are going to sell and how are you going to sell it.  Utilizing our experience and connections The Trade Winds Group can help you answer these questions, resulting in winning decisions regarding resource allocation, sales structure and a sales process that will drive your desired results.


Sales Reinforcement:  think of this as “Rent a Rep.” Perhaps you have a special program or initiative you want to kick-off without disturbing your existing sales structure.  Before you invest internally, The Trade Winds Group can provide the knowledge, skills, contacts and extensive experience to immediately impact your sales and profitability.  Supplement your existing team or create something new, quickly and with minimal risk or commitment.


Technical Documentation Publishing: In partnership with technical publication professionals, The Trade Winds Group can help you create technical content, translated into your customer’s languages, publishing the documentation utilizing various mediums and fulfilling the delivery as required.  Whether it’s initiating new or recreating something old, we have access to the specialized and experienced resources necessary for assisting in a successful endevour.