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The Trade Winds Group LLC assists B2B and B2C clients create strategies and programs that provide successful sales and service channels for their customers.

Utilizing 40+ years of experience providing technology services to durable goods manufacturers and distribution channels worldwide, I've returned to my entrepreneurial roots and launched The Trade Winds Group.  A consulting consortium, focused on assisting organizations with the support of their Parts, Service and Sales channels throughout North America and Europe.

The "appropriate application of technolgy" to solve business problems has been the foundation of my extensive and successful career.  Whether it is creating effective documentation presentation techniques, intuitive navigation schemas, seamless integration or efficient delivery methods, I've always strived to eliminate complexity and ensure success by employing simple, common sense solutions.

The Trade Winds Group is committed to supporting our clients with the same comprehensive industry experience, domain knowledge, technological expertise and International competence I've acquired through the many partnerships and programs in which I've participated and successfully completed.